How does SoPay work?

SoPay is a safe, all-in-one mobile solution based across the whole of Somalia that allows users to transfer to friends and family. Receiving payments is totally free and instant.

With Transfer Galaxy, you can send money within seconds to SoPay accounts in the whole of Somalia.


How do I send money to a SoPay account using Transfer Galaxy?

  1. Log in to your Transfer Galaxy account.
  2. Edit recipient
    • Select service - here choose Mobile wallet.
    • Select network - here choose SoPay.
    • Click ‘Update recipient’
  3. Send money
    • Enter the amount you want to send
    • In the Price details, the Fee will show ‘0 SEK’.
    • Click ‘Continue’
  4. Follow the next steps required to send money
  5. Your money will be with your loved one instantly!


Can I send money to a loved one who does not have SoPay?

If you send money to a loved one who does not have a SoPay account, they will receive a link via SMS where they can create a SoPay account.

After they have created an account, the money you transferred to them will be put into their account.

In the first phase of this new service, your recipient can access their money at any of the SoPay agents which can be found in the apps "Find Agents & Merchants". In the following phase, the number of agents will keep increasing and an updated list can be found in the app under “Find the agents and merchants”.

SoPay is available for Android and iOS.

For more information on SoPay please click here.

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