Why is the system rejecting the photograph of my ID?

These are the most common mistakes made when taking photographs of your ID document:

• The entire ID document is NOT visible on the photo: Make sure to include all 4 corners of the document. It’s acceptable to leave margins around the ID document.
• Insufficient photo quality: Bad photo quality and unreadable text should be avoided.
• Photo glares: Make sure to turn off your photo flash before taking the photo. Also, check that the ID document or background are not reflecting light back into the camera.
• The photo is taken under a significant angle: The document image might be skewed. The ultimate position of the camera is right above the document.
• Unsupported file formats: Pictures of a screen, black & white images, photocopies, screenshots and PDFs will all be rejected.
• Missing the back of the document: Driving licenses and national ID cards require photos of both the front and the back of the document.

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