What is an IBAN?

International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard. It contains all the information we need to send your money to the right bank account.


When sending money by bank deposit, we ask for the IBAN of your recipient. If your recipient does not know their IBAN, ask them to check their bank statements or to contact their bank. It is important that you use the right IBAN when sending money. If the IBAN is wrong, we may send your money to the wrong destination, or your bank may charge you for an invalid payment.


The structure of an IBAN is standard. It identifies the country, bank, branch, and account number. An IBAN can be up to 34 numbers and letters but the actual length depends on the country the account is in.


For example, a Turkish IBAN contains 26 numbers and letters:




TR -- country

33 -- check number to prevent mistakes

00061 -- bank identifier

0 -- national check number

0519786457841326 -- bank account number

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