How do bank deposits work? (Turkey)

With a bank deposit, you can send money to the bank account of your recipient. Currently, bank deposits are only available in Turkey. We are working hard to add more countries.


To send money with a bank deposit, set up your transfer and choose “Bank Deposit'' as the delivery method. Add your recipient’s IBAN. The recipient name must match the name of the bank account holder. Bank deposits cannot be cancelled so make sure you have the right IBAN and recipient name. For more information on IBAN, check What is an IBAN?


Bank deposits are sent in Turkish lira (TRY). If you want to send US dollars (USD), choose another payment method.


Bank deposits depend on banking hours in the recipient country. For Turkey, this is usually Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:30 local time (GMT+3). In most cases, your money will arrive within 2 hours. If you send money during the weekend, on a bank holiday, or close to closing time, then your money will only be available the next business day.

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