What is SWIFT (BIC) code?

A SWIFT code is a unique international code used by banks. It contains all the information we need to send your money to the right bank. SWIFT code is also sometimes called a BIC (Business Identifier Code).

When sending money by bank deposit, we ask for the SWIFT code of your recipient's bank. If your recipient does not know their SWIFT code, ask them to check their bank statements. They can also contact their bank. It is important you use the right SWIFT code when sending money. If the SWIFT code is wrong, we may send your money to the wrong destination, or your bank may charge you for an invalid payment.

The structure of a SWIFT code is standard. It identifies the country, bank and branch. A SWIFT code can be up to 11 numbers and letters. The actual length and format depends on the country and the bank.

For example, a Thai SWIFT code contains either 8 or 11 letters:



KRTH -- bank identifier code

TH -- country

BK -- location in the country

XXX -- branch code

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