Paying with Sofort (or Sofortüberweisung)

What is Sofort (or Sofortüberweisung)?

Sofort (or Sofortüberweisung) is a secure online payment platform. With Sofort you can pay using your online banking details from your German bank account.

How do I pay using Sofort?

  1. Start by setting up your transfer
  2. Choose Sofort as your payment method. We will direct you to the Sofort payment platform. This may appear as Sofortüberweisung.
  3. Choose your bank and login using your online banking details.
  4. Confirm your payment. When finished, you will return to the Transfer Galaxy app or website

Am I charged extra fees when I pay with Sofort?

We do not charge any hidden or extra fees when you use the Transfer Galaxy app or website to send money. We will show you the total you pay when you set up your transfer.

Sometimes, depending on the bank you use, they may charge you a fee when you make a payment with Sofort.

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