What type of documents do I need to send for my extra limit application?

When you apply for an extra limit, we ask you for extra documents and information. We use this information to process your application and keep your account safe. We do not share your information or use it for any other reason.


For all applications we ask you for some standard documents.

Examples of documents we ask for are:

  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your recipient's ID document – this can be a passport, national ID, or driving licence.
  • Recent bank account statement

We may also ask you to send documents that show where your money comes from. We only ask for some of these, and we always let you know what you need to send when you apply.

Examples of documents we may ask you for are:

  • Salary slip - from the last 3 months
  • Sales contract - from the sale of an apartment, house or car
  • Loan agreement – showing the amount of loan and reason for the loan
  • Certificate of investment shares


Important note:

We want to remind you that our service is intended for private purposes only. You can send money only on your behalf. If you are currently helping a family member to send money, we urge you to help them set up an account. Sending money on behalf of someone else could lead to your account becoming deactivated.


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