What is a monthly limit?

A monthly limit is the maximum amount of money you can transfer in one calendar month. The monthly limit resets every first (1st) day of the calendar month.


How can I check my monthly limit?

To check from the app: Log in and tap on the settings icon. Information about your monthly limit is below your name.

To check from the website: Log in and select 'My transfers' from the menu. Information about your monthly limit is under the section 'My sending status'.


Can I increase my monthly limit?

Application for an extra limit is only open to customers who are Swedish residents. When you need to send more than what your monthly limit allows, you can apply for an extra limit. To learn more, check What is an extra limit?



Important note:

We want to remind you that our service is intended for private purposes only. You can send money only on your behalf. If you are currently helping a family member to send money, we urge you to help them set up an account. Sending money on behalf of someone else could lead to your account becoming deactivated.

Do you have questions about your limit? Book a call with us.



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